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Stone Worktops Are Beautiful and Functional

When friends and family enter your kitchen, the very first thing they are going to notice is your beautiful granite worktops. Granite bathrooms inspire a sense of luxury and beauty. Beyond the use of granite in the home, many businesses want to communicate the grandeur and success of their business.

There is not any better way to communicate that a business is successful in order to decorate conference rooms and offices with the stellar look of granite. This post will discuss the functional and cost effectiveness of using granite. Finally, this article will present the best source of granite worktops.

Bespoke granite worktops are forever. Granite Worktops Essex will look great year after year. Granite can take tremendous heat. Right now there is not a skillet too hot to place directly on the granitic, with no counter top burns or stains.

You can cut food immediately on the granite, and there will never become a cut mark. Granite can be buffed with comfortable cloth, and the stone will look as beautiful as the day you experienced it installed. People who buy granite for countertop tops never have to replace their counter tops.

With time other worktops get started to show wear and tear. Slowly they get started to look cheap. For example, Formica is a laminate which can chip over time, as well as show stains. Wood worktops will show cut marks. There is no repair for laminate worktops. Presently there is merely replacement.

Additional counter-top tops that imitate stone, which are made of an artificial composite of materials. These composite worktops look exactly like granite when they are installed. Regrettably, they will show burn off marks if you put a hot pot on their surface. They will show cut marks if you try to cut food directly on them. Above time these composite worktops start to demonstrate wear and tear, and they do not look as fresh as the day that they were installed. Unlike granitic, there is maintenance for composite worktops. Professionals have to sand and then re-polish the worktop.

Any time browsing through a store and looking at worktops, marbled can catch the eye. Marble is beautiful and gracious. Marble is luxurious and splendid looking making marble very appealing. The particular price of marble is leaner than granite, which is another plus for using marble.

The disadvantage of using marble is that marble is a porous stone. Marbled will absorb stains and become dull with time. Unlike granite, it will not wear well. In the kitchen, the foods that touch the counter displays marks. In a bathroom, marble will show normal water stains. Within a business conference room, a marble desk will show coffee rings and other stains. Espresso stains present poorly and take away from the elegance that you want to communicate to you customers.