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trampoline mats

If you have a trampoline in your backyard that you no longer use because the mat is ripped we have a solution for you. You can get a replacement mat for that old trampoline and also have it bouncing like new in no time. Many people avoid realize that you can get replacement parts for trampolines and let them acquire rust in the back yard.
With a little bit of money and several elbow grease you can use a replacement trampoline mat in only a few hours. The kids can be jumping and having a great time again in no time.

You will want to perform a few things before you make a purchase of a trampoline mats. First you want to be sure the frame of the playground equipment is in good condition. If the frame is compromised you will need to invest in a new playground equipment. If the frame seems like it is still in good condition you can move on to your next point of inspection.
Next, you will want to look into the condition of the trampolines springs. See if any are broken or completely rusted through. If some of the springs have fallen off the trampoline due to excessive use you will need to get substitute springs as well. Sometimes the springs may be a lttle bit rusty but still in good working order. Make sure to inspect all of the suspension springs individually before you make the decision to keep them.

You know you desire a trampoline mat, but what one do you want? You will need to take some measurements of your trampolines frame and springs to find the proper replacement cushion. Most mats have proportions for inner and outer frame diameter as well as spring length and spring count. Make positive when you period dimensions you are as exact as possible. Measuring inaccurately could bring about damaging your trampolines frame, rendering it worthless.

Once you have the measurements carry out some shopping around for a good replacement. Look for products that contain good ratings or are backed by a reasonable warranty. If you were happy with the stock playground equipment mat when it was new try to look for a part number from the manufacture to get a properly fitting replacement.
Or, if you were unhappy with the stock mat look into some of the premium mats which have additional features. Some of the premium pads have extra UV safety and others have anti slip gripping and strengthened stitching.

All in all, before you go scrapping the pile of metallic that once was a trampoline, see if it can handle a fast upgrade and your kids will be jumping around in only a few hours. This only cost about 1/5 of replacing the entire playground equipment so make the small investment to extend the life of your trampoline.